National Security and Foreign Policy

As a Member of Congress I believe one of our top priorities is ensuring the safety and security of the American people. That means maintaining a strong, well-trained military and deploying our men and women in uniform only when necessary.  

I continue to be a strong advocate for keeping our homeland safe by making sure our local communities have the training, equipment, and personnel they need to keep our families secure.

I am a proud supporter of Israel and believe that Israel’s security is of paramount importance, and U.S. support for that security is unbreakable. The United States has considered the existence of Israel a profound moral and spiritual imperative and was the first nation to recognize the state of Israel. As the only true democracy in the Middle East, the United States and Israel share so much in common and I will fight to ensure continued support of Israel.

Our support for democracies around the world is not limited to Israel and I will continue to support U.S. assistance to Armenia. I’ve worked hard in Congress to push our international leaders to acknowledge the depravity of the Armenian Genocide. I am deeply concerned that there are still those who refuse to acknowledge the atrocities that occurred in 1915. Their denial is disrespectful to the 1.5 million Armenians who died and to those who risked their lives to escape the violence. Until we fully acknowledge this dark period history, we can’t fully heal the pain that the Armenian community carries with them.