Our housing market’s continued improvement is central to strengthening our economy. The economic downturn of recent years was not kind to the housing market, but I am continuing to fight for families in our district to achieve the American dream.

Working With California Democrats

I will continue to join with my California Democratic colleagues to help local struggling families remain in their homes. As a delegation, we have urged banks to participate in the “Keep Your Home California” program, which helps homeowners at risk of foreclosure; requested that the President urge the Federal Housing Finance Agency to allow Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac owned mortgages to be refinanced; and urged the President to appoint a permanent Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. I was also a strong advocate for the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights and joined with Southern California colleagues to preserve the Housing and Urban Development multifamily field office in Los Angeles.

Preserving Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)  

I believe in the importance of strengthening our communities, which is why I have always been a strong advocate for the Community Development Block Grants program. CDBG funding provides communities with the resources to make sure that its residents have access to various services and programs. These programs fund emergency shelters, food for low income families, services for seniors, and recreational scholarships for needy children. This funding is crucial to the success of Southern California communities.

If you are having dfficulties with your family’s housing situation, please e-mail me or call my office at 562-860-5050.

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