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Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Representing the 38th District of CA


Seniors have put in a lifetime of hard work, helping to make our economy grow and make our nation great. They deserve a safe, healthy, and secure retirement. That is why in Congress, I have been working hard to promote policies that respect our seniors and promote their well being and fighting proposals that would make your golden years more insecure.

Medicare Part D: While inclusion of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries is long overdue, Medicare Part D prescription coverage needs to be improved. Some seniors have had a great experience with this coverage and others have gotten stuck in the donut hole or found that their insurance companies pulled the old “bait and switch” technique on them, increasing prices on certain drugs or dropping coverage on others altogether.

Although Republicans have dropped any current attempt to privatize Social Security, I am ready to defend it should the proposal rise again. Dismantling the promise of Social Security would take away guaranteed, inflation proof benefits for today’s children and young adults. No one wants to return to the tragic days before Social Security, when seniors would work until the day they died because they could not afford to retire. To honor a lifetime of work and service, I will continue working with my colleagues to protect and strengthen Social Security.