Civil Rights and Equality

Civil rights are human rights and I firmly believe that all people are created equal. The right to vote, the right to marry the person you love, and the right to serve your country are all inalienable rights protected by the United States Constitution.
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Education and Student Loans

A good education can open up many opportunities. I am committed to ensuring our nation makes the right investments in education to provide future generations with the tools they need to achieve their goals.
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Energy and Environment

We are already witnessing the devastating effects of climate change. Expanding carbon-free energy is one of the most important ways to mitigate climate change.
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Health Care

Quality, accessible, affordable health care should be a right, not just a privilege reserved for the wealthy few. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we've made this fundamental right a reality.


Our housing market’s continued improvement is central to strengthening our economy. In Congress, I am proud to advocate for resources that will strengthen our housing market and help families in our district to achieve the American dream.


For generations, the United States has held a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees. As the the daughter of immigrants, I know that each generation of immigrants comes to our country to work hard, persevere, and provide better opportunities for their families.
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Labor and Trade

As a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 441 and former labor lawyer, I am a staunch defender of worker’s rights.
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National Security and Foreign Policy

The most important duty of the United States Congress is to protect the American people. To do so, we must maintain a well-trained military, deploy our men and women in uniform only when absolutely necessary, and preserve our civil liberties and freedom.
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For generations, our nation has lived by a simple promise: Americans who have worked hard their entire lives have the right to retire with dignity and security. Our seniors have worked hard and kept their end of the deal.
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Small Business

I know that small businesses are the backbone of our country. That is why I am working hard in Congress to provide critical financial support to small businesses.

Tax Policy

I have long supported reforming the code to be fairer, simpler, and provide more certainty for all. It is no secret that recent partisan Republican changes to the tax code picked multinational corporate winners while leaving too many working families as the losers.


As a Southern California native, I understand the multifaceted challenges facing our region when it comes to smart transportation policy. I have consistently worked to bring federal dollars back to the 38th Congressional district and the Los Angeles County area to repair aging bridges, roads, and railways.

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I want to ensure that those who serve today have incentives to continue, those who served in the past are properly honored, and those who choose to serve in the future are coming into a military system that is the best in the world.

Working Families

Paid Family Leave