Tax Policy

As both the first Latina and the most senior Democratic woman currently serving on the Committee on Ways and Means, I bring a unique perspective on federal tax issues to my work. I also serve on the Select Revenue Measures (Tax Policy) Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee, focusing much of my time on examining potential changes and improvements to our federal tax code. 


It is no secret that recent partisan Republican changes to the tax code picked multinational corporate winners while leaving too many working families as the losers. I have long supported reforming the code to be fairer, simpler, and provide more certainty for all. But the Republican tax reform package was balanced on the backs of working families, while not creating a level playing field for the small businesses in my community.  


This Congress, I have been proud to work with our new Democratic majority to take thoughtful steps to undo some of the worst harms created by the 2017 law changes. So far we have tackled affordable childcare, shoring up our pension system, and climate change through the tax code. We are also worked to thoughtfully to address long overdue infrastructure needs across the country exacerbated by the pandemic 


I was proud to see a bill I sponsored to consolidate paperwork and make it more efficient for small businesses to offer retirement plans signed into law this Congress as part of a larger package.  


I am continuing to fight for legislation I've authored to:  

  • Provide incentives for skilled apprenticeships 
  • Incentivize green energy retrofitting for buildings 
  • Offer tax credits to offset costs for family caregivers 
  • Allow families to set aside more pre-tax money for childcare expenses 
  • Assist the creative community in getting back on its feet from the ongoing pandemic.  

More tax related bills I have sponsored and co-sponsored are available here.