SÁNCHEZ: “These measures give us the opportunity to tangibly make life better for those who need it most”

September 16, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez issued the following statement applauding the historic investments in the Build Back Better Act approved by the Ways and Means Committee this week.

“After nearly 40 hours of debate over the course of four days, my colleagues and I on the Ways and Means Committee approved historic investments in the Build Back Better Act. These measures give us the opportunity to tangibly make life better, not for the wealthiest among us or multinational corporations, but for those who need it most.

“The Build Back Better Act will significantly help women, including working moms who have been forced to cut back hours or pull from the workforce entirely. Twelve weeks of paid family and medical leave, tax cuts for working families, and investments in affordable child care will benefit millions of hardworking parents, and it will help millions of others as they enter the workforce.

“The Build Back Better Act also helps our seniors by strengthening retirement security, making health care and prescription drugs more affordable, and expanding Medicare coverage to include dental, vision, and hearing benefits. It delivers more resources to nursing homes and improves data collection and transparency so we can rest assured that our loved ones living in these facilities are safe and comfortable.

“Finally, this package will protect our environment and generations of Americans to come by finally making the substantial investments in clean energy needed to combat climate change. By deploying solar and renewable energy sources, will we make all of our communities healthier and more resilient while creating good-paying jobs.   

“I want to thank Chairman Richard Neal for his leadership on this Committee, and all my Ways and Means colleagues, for delivering on our promise to help hard working Americans. As negotiations on this funding package progress, I will continue to fight for policies that will rebuild our economy and make life easier for the working families that keep it running every day.”