Sánchez Secures $500,000 to Start Neighborhood Bus Lines in South Whittier

July 18, 2003
Press Release
Washington, DC - Working to improve air quality and commuting in local communities, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-39) announced that she has secured $500,000 in the Fiscal Year 2004 Transportation Appropriations bill that was approved by the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation. The bill is expected to be passed by the U.S. House of Representatives shortly.

Earlier this year, Sánchez made it a priority to meet with officials from every community in her district to discuss their top priorities and projects. One project of importance to Whittier was increasing public transportation options. According to a recent county study, this area is one of the most neglected in terms of public transportation.

“These funds will enable South Whittier to begin building a local public transportation system that will not only connect the neighborhoods to local community centers, but also connect the city to larger regional transit lines,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.

This seed capital will provide the money for up to three new 25-passenger buses. These clean, modern, fuel-efficient buses will connect the neighborhoods of South Whittier to the Montebello transit system and the MTA bus services.

“While major bus routes operate around the perimeter of South Whittier, there are no bus lines that connect the neighborhoods to each other. This is a practical way to connect communities, while at the same time protecting and improving the local air quality, with environmentally friendly buses,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.

Los Angeles County has a dedicated source of sales tax funds for transit to operate the buses and provide any needed matching funds for their purchase, so the project will not be affected by the County’s current budget difficulties.

“Especially for residents without access to vehicles, local bus systems provide a vital link to businesses and community services throughout the region. These new bus lines will be of great benefit to the regional transportation network and especially to the hard working people of California’s 39th District,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.