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Sánchez Provides Resources to Students Who Require Financial Aid for a Higher Education

September 10, 2005
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Working to make college an achievable goal for every student, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez has recently added a new section to her website dedicated to helping students through the process of locating, applying and paying for student loans.

“As a person who is still paying off student loans today, I know what it is like to have to pay your own way through college,” said Congresswoman Sánchez. “Having a college degree is worth every penny, and I want to provide students, teachers and parents with the tools they need to navigate financial aid and scholarship options.”

The new section of Congresswoman Sánchez’s website helps all those are interested in student aid with the tools needed to understand the process of applying for and paying off student loans. It includes information for every step of the loan process and includes sections from getting started to repayment options and opinions. The new section can be found in her website at in the services section.

“I encourage all students, parents and teachers to utilize the site to gain a better understanding of student loans and current government legislation that will affect those loans,” continued Sánchez. “Knowledge is power, and I hope this site will give those who require financial aid the resources necessary to help them achieve a college degree.”

Legislatively, Congressional Republicans have cut almost $9 billion from federal funded college student aid programs in the Higher Education Reauthorization Act that is still being worked on in the Senate and was passed out of Committee on July 22nd. This would be the single largest cut to federal financial aid in the nation’s history and will result in eliminating the resources necessary to expand educational opportunities in our country. Congresswoman Sánchez is committed to fighting against any action that will cut funding for student loans that allow hard working, aspiring students the opportunity to go to college.

“Seats are empty in college classrooms all over the country due to the lack of affordability in higher education,” continued Sánchez. “We must all work together to improve the access and affordability of a college is education, that is so necessary in today’s world.”