Sánchez Plays Ball

July 11, 2003
Press Release
Washington, DC - On Thursday June 10th, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-39) sported the Dodger blues during the 42nd Annual Congressional Baseball Game. Each year, Democrat and Republican Members of Congress play against each other in a game that benefits charity. Congresswoman Sánchez was the only woman to join the Democratic team.

Sánchez had one at bat, in which she hit the ball sharply to the shortstop. She sped up the line and charged towards the first base bag, only to be narrowly thrown out by a half -stride.

“As a Freshman member of Congress it was a lot of fun to join and compete with my congressional colleagues. We work together in the halls of Congress and it was great to see that teamwork extended to the playing field. Sports, like baseball, help build teamwork, discipline and camaraderie. This game was particularly important because it benefited numerous charities,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez

For the past month, the Democratic team has been holding practice at 7am in the morning several times a week. In addition, Congresswoman Sánchez has been working on her swing at batting cages in Lakewood, CA.

“Although I didn't fulfill my goal of getting on base, which would have been great, I look forward to next year’s game. In the meantime, I will keep visiting the cages and will work on my throwing. I also look forward to practicing with local teams and schools in the 39th District,” said Sanchez

If your team or school would like to have Congresswoman Sánchez join you for a practice please contact Chiarra in her district office at 562-429-8499.

As the only woman on the team this year, Sánchez’ jersey featured the Roman numeral “IX” in honor of Title IX.

“I think it is important for women of all ages to have an equal opportunity to participate in team sports. I had a great time out here tonight and hope that more young women can catch baseball fever like I did when I was young.”