Rep. Sánchez, Sen. Boxer Team Up on Federal Support for La Mirada Flood Control System

May 16, 2007
Press Release
Washington - Congressman Linda Sánchez today announced that Senator Barbara Boxer has initially secured a $4 million authorization of federal funds to improve La Mirada’s aging flood control system. Congresswoman Sánchez asked Senator Boxer to include the project in the Senate’s renewal of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which passed the Senate today by a vote of 91-4.

The WRDA authorization will allow Congresswoman Sánchez and Senator Boxer to seek up to $4 million in federal money in future years to help fund, under the direction of the City of La Mirada, improvements to the city’s flood control system, which has been prone to localized flooding. Without the key WRDA authorization, the La Mirada project would not have been able to receive construction funds from the federal government.

Congresswoman Sánchez secured $125,000 in 2005 to fund the study phase of this project, which would incorporate environmentally-friendly innovations like bio-swales to clean stormwater runoff and prevent ocean pollution.

“Today’s WRDA vote opens the door for bringing federal investments home for an innovative flood control system that will help protect homes in La Mirada from flood damage while also enhancing our environment,” said Congresswoman Sánchez. “This project will demonstrate that even small changes in the way we build our communities can create lasting benefits.”

“I am especially grateful for the leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer in making this happen,” added Congresswoman Sánchez. “Senator Boxer understands that funds for local infrastructure projects are smart investments in our communities.”

Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives will need to meet in a conference committee to work out any differences between their respective WRDA bills. The final bill would then need to be passed by both chambers before going to the President’s desk to be signed into law.