Local Residents Join Congresswoman Sánchez at Town Hall Meeting on A New Direction for America

August 15, 2006
Press Release
LAKEWOOD - Congresswoman Linda Sánchez held a town hall meeting on Tuesday with residents of the 39th Congressional District on A New Direction for America - the Congressional Democratic agenda.

More than 50 local residents joined Congresswoman Sánchez, Whittier Mayor Pro-Tem Owen Newcomer and Aileen Harper, Executive Director of the Center for Health Care Rights, at the Centre at Sycamore Plaza in Lakewood to discuss A New Direction for America, a comprehensive plan to provide all Americans with economic opportunity and real security at home and abroad.

“This new Democratic agenda is about restoring priorities in Washington,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez. “For too long, President Bush and the rubber stamp Republicans in Congress have made one bad decision after the next. From the Iraq war to privatizing Social Security to ethics scandals, they have proven that they are hopelessly out of touch with the people in our communities.”

The Democratic agenda includes six central elements:
  • Real Security at Home and Overseas - Reclaim American leadership with tough, smart plans for Iraq, the Middle East, and around the World.

  • Better American Jobs. Better Pay - No Congressional pay raise until the minimum wage is raised. End tax giveaways for companies that outsource American jobs.

  • College Access for All - Make college tuition tax-deductible, permanently. Cut student loan interest rates. Expand Pell Grants.

  • Energy Independence. Lower Gas Prices - New initiatives for cleaner, domestic energy sources.

  • Affordable Health Care. Life Saving Science - Fix the Medicare prescription drug program and lower drug prices. Smart investments in breakthrough medical research.

  • Retirement Security and Dignity - Stop plans to privatize Social Security substantially. Enact real pension reform. Expand personal savings incentives.

“This town hall was a great demonstration that the people of Southern California aren’t happy with years of bad decisions and missed opportunities,” said Congresswoman Sánchez. “They want a new direction.”