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Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Representing the 38th District of CA

Linda Sánchez Votes “No” On Misguided CRomnibus Bill

December 15, 2014
Press Release

Washington, DC- Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-38) issued the following statement after the House passed a $1.1 trillion “CRomnibus” spending bill to keep the government funded through September 2015:


I could not in good conscious support a spending bill that used government funding as a guise to ram-through misguided legislation,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.


“The bill is tainted with policies meant to score political points, threaten the retirement prospects of millions of Americans, and increase the influence of wealthy political donors.


Funding the Department of Homeland Security for a three-month period is a political stunt made at the expense of our national security. The same is true of the decision to cut funding from the Internal Revenue Service at a time when the agency’s workload is set to rise because of tax provisions included in the Affordable Care Act. 


Furthermore, I could not vote for a bill that robs millions of Americans of the pensions they rightfully earned.  This sets a dangerous precedent and hurts the rights of current and future hard working Americans.  


I also echo the anger expressed by some of my fellow colleagues over the inclusion of provisions that weaken financial regulations for Wall Street banks and allow wealthy donors to increase the amount they can contribute to political campaigns. Our Democracy is not for sale and Wall Street banks should not be allowed to gamble with our economic security.


Tonight, we had an opportunity to stand up against special interests and stop a poison pill that goes against many of our Democratic principles. I am disappointed by its passage, but emboldened to continue working with my colleagues to defend the rights and livelihoods of Americans.”