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Linda Sánchez on Trump Protests in Costa Mesa

April 29, 2016
Press Release

Washington, DC – Representative Linda Sánchez (CA-38), Chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a member of the Ways and Means Committee, today released the following statement on last night’s protests at a Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA:

“There’s no doubt Donald Trump’s candidacy has made the Latino community a target for hateful rhetoric, and in some cases physical violence, this election cycle. While I share the community’s anger and frustration, destroying public property is not the answer. When we resort to violence, we’re playing into the very hands of people like Donald Trump. I believe the solution must be peaceful protest and more importantly, directing our energy towards shifting our voter registration efforts into high gear. Only through civic engagement and participation in our democratic process can we ensure no candidate – for President of the United States or any other office – can ever treat our community the way Donald Trump has and expect to represent our country.”