Linda Sánchez Says Republicans Desperate to Deliver Win for Trump at Any Cost

March 24, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Representative Linda T. Sánchez (CA-38), Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, today joined House Democratic leadership at a press conference ahead of today’s vote on TrumpCare. Below is a transcript of her remarks:

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“I think by now it's crystal clear that the bill that's going to be on the floor today is not about protecting the health of Americans, it's about protecting and stroking the ego of Donald Trump. House Republicans are so desperate to deliver a win for Donald Trump that they don't care what the cost to American families is.

“You heard the numbers, they're staggering. Twenty-four million people will lose coverage if this bill becomes the law of the land, and that includes 40,000 people in my district alone. We know that this isn't about America's working families because there's nothing in this bill that will lower premiums or that provides the care that is needed. And as the leader stated this morning, this bill is one of the worst bills for women to ever come through Congress.

“We know that Trumpcare would cut pretty basic things that Americans expect in their health insurance. They're called essential benefits for a reason; they're essential to your health and wellbeing. But this bill would cut things like emergency services, hospitalizations, pregnancy and pediatric care and prescription drugs.

“Now, who goes out and purchases a health insurance plan thinking that if they have a serious illness or have an unexpected accident, that when they go to the emergency room or to the hospital, that they're not going to be covered? Why would you pay money for a policy that doesn't cover the most basic, essential things that you need when you are seriously sick or injured? Yet that's what this bill would do.

“We also know that this bill breaks President Trump's campaign promise by cutting nearly a trillion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. Not only does it cut Medicare, it creates an age tax so that older Americans pay even more. And let me tell you, if you are a family that is struggling to raise kids and care for aging parents, that is a huge alarm bell. That should be a wakeup call.

“You know, Donald Trump fancies himself this role of savvy deal- maker. Well, we know that he's pretty good at getting the best deals for himself, but Trumpcare is a bad deal for America's families. The American people stand to lose and lose and lose under this bill. Americans will lose coverage, Americans will lose care, Americans will lose basic consumer protections and Americans will lose money out of their pockets.

“This bill is a losing proposition any way you look at it and I hope that my Republican colleagues have the sense and the decency to help us defeat this bill today.”