Linda Sánchez Floor Statement on House Democrats’ Motion to Instruct Conferees on GOP Tax Scam

December 4, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair Linda Sánchez today gave the following statement on the Democratic Motion to Instruct Conferees on the Republican deficit busting $1.7 trillion tax scam that will harm America’s working families:

“I rise today to ask a question: What is the rush? Why are we rushing to vote on a $1.7 trillion tax bill that will end up being paid off the backs of working Americans? 

“And don’t be fooled. Working Americans WILL pay for this bill.

“That’s why the National Association of Realtors warned that the typical home owner in my state could see their home value drop between $37,710 and $56,550.

“That’s why the Joint Committee on Taxation has said the Republican bill would increase costs to college students and their families by $71 billion.

“And we all know whose retirement Republicans will raid when their overly optimistic growth numbers don’t materialize – they are going to come after your Medicare and Social Security.

“The American people deserve better than this Republican tax scam.

“Instead of rushing to get this done, let’s work together to get it done right.”