House Speaker Pelosi Appoints Rep. Linda Sánchez to Key Committee to Reform American Foreign Policy

January 11, 2007
Press Release
Washington - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today appointed Congresswoman Linda Sánchez to the influential House Committee on Foreign Affairs, which will be responsible in the new Congress for providing real oversight and direction on American foreign policy.

“Those of us in Southern California understand how our country’s relationships with other nations affect our security, economy, and even families,” said Congresswoman Sánchez. “From advancing a new policy in the Middle East to rebuilding relations with Latin America, the people of our community now have a seat at the table.”

In addition to providing rigorous oversight of current foreign policy, Chairman Tom Lantos (D-CA) has pledged to focus the committee on reversing the loss in recent years of international goodwill towards the United States. The committee, which was called the House International Relations Committee in the last Congress, will focus on building important international relationships through increased cooperation, as well as restoring the United States’ long-time position as a model for democracy and human rights.

“For generations, people around the world equated our country with freedom, hope and opportunity,” said Congresswoman Sánchez. “We must have a smart foreign policy that strengthens alliances instead of creating new enemies. We have hard work ahead of us to restore their vision of America as the beacon of justice and democracy.”

Congresswoman Sánchez will continue to serve on the House Judiciary Committee, on which she has served since coming to office in 2003. She was also recently appointed to the House Committee on Education and Labor, which will be responsible this year for improving high quality public schools by revising the No Child Left Behind Act and solving the nation’s retirement security crisis by protecting pensions for current and future retirees.