Congresswoman Sánchez Meets with Paramount Leaders to Discuss Top Priorities

February 12, 2004
Press Release
Paramount - Working to bring more opportunities and resources to the City of Paramount, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-39) met with Mayor Gene Daniels, Vice Mayor Manuel E. Guillen, and City Manager Patrick West to discuss the city’s projects for the upcoming year. Each year, Congresswoman Sánchez meets with the mayors from every city in the 39th District to determine ways the federal government can be helpful.

“It is important for me to meet with city officials at the start of each legislative year. My priority is to help the City of Paramount gain access to federal funding to help make the best investment we can in the community,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.

Specifically, Sánchez discussed the continued federal funding of the Paramount Educational Partnership and the COPS local police-hiring program. Sánchez and city leaders also talked about solutions to the safety and diesel emission problems along the 710 Freeway. Congresswoman Linda Sánchez explained that she hopes to take the lead in Congress on this important transportation issue.

“Improving the quality of the air we all breathe is a very important priority for me. I especially want us to make progress in reducing the diesel emissions of trucks, which can harm the lung development of children and harm seniors and those with health conditions. For this reason, I am making it a top priority in 2004 to seek a funding increase for the Diesel Emission Reduction Program (DERP) of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, based in Paramount,” explained Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.

The DERP helps truckers replace old, dirty diesel engines with newer, cleaner and safer engines. Sánchez will also be supporting efforts to explore newer, even cleaner technologies like bio-diesel, which can help the nation become more energy independent in the long run.

“To best represent the City of Paramount in Congress, I need to hear all ideas and opinions about federal programs. Individual city needs can help effectively shape public policy. I am looking forward to working with all city leaders in the 39th during the second half of the 108th Congress,” concluded Congresswoman Linda Sánchez