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Congresswoman Sánchez Meets With La Mirada Leaders To Discuss Top Priorities

April 1, 2004
Press Release
La Mirada - Working to bring more opportunities and resources to the City of La Mirada, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-39) met with current Mayor Susan Tripp, former Mayor Hal Malkin, City Manager Andrea Travis, and Assistant City Manager John Di Mario to discuss the city’s projects for the upcoming year. Each year, Congresswoman Sánchez meets with the mayors from every city in the 39th District to determine ways the federal government can be helpful.

“It is important for me to meet with city officials at the start of each year. My priority is to help the City of La Mirada gain access to federal funding to help make the best investment we can in the community,” said Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.

Specifically, Sánchez discussed the city’s top priority of pursuing federal funding for the Grade Separation Project. The project would involve building railroad underpasses to accommodate trains at various intersections across La Mirada, including the intersection of Valley View Boulevard and Stage Road. This multi-phase, underpass system was designed to mitigate the impact of increased railway traffic, while at the same time increase public safety at train intersections. A reduction in vehicular idle time and emissions is also projected for better air quality.

“Approximately 100 trains use this congested corridor daily, causing accidents and blocking traffic at railroad crossing. This project will increase rail capacity, improve mobility, eliminate train/vehicular conflicts, and improve quality of life in the region. It is important to plan now for the projected increase of future commercial rail activity,” commented Sánchez.

Congresswoman Linda Sánchez is taking the lead on this issue in Congress by co-sponsoring a request for this project. The Grade Separation Project is currently a part the Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (H.R. 3550), also known as TEA-LU, which passed in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Sánchez has previously supported traffic reduction in the City of La Mirada by securing $725,000 in federal funding in 2004 for the Street Smarts program. This program provided the funds to improve streets along the I-5 corridor traffic. City officials also discussed the need for improvements in Creek Park, as well as the community’s desire for a modern aquatic center.

“Improving the quality of life along the I-5 corridor is a top priority for me. From transportation improvements to enhancing the natural beauty of Creek Park, I am working to help the community of La Mirada with all their goals,” concluded Congresswoman Linda Sánchez.