Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez Responds to the State of the Union

January 31, 2006
Press Release
“President Bush continues to mislead the American people on the real state of our union. The state of the union that he talked about tonight is a very different one than the state of the union for working class America and the people in my Congressional district. What President Bush forgot to mention is that our nation is suffering historically low job growth coupled with declining wages and rising poverty, all on top of a rapidly increasing national deficit.

The truth is that President Bush and the Republican Congress have failed to address the real concerns of the American people. The President and this irresponsible Republican-led Congress have failed America at every turn when it comes to energy prices, job growth, economic security, health care, homeland security and honest leadership. They have chosen to put special interests ahead of the American people’s interests and middle class America is paying the price.

If President Bush really believes in moving away from our dependence on oil, then why did he push Congress to pass an energy bill last year filled with rewards for the gas and oil companies?

If President Bush really believes in investing in our nation’s youth, then why does he continue to under-fund the No Child Left Behind Act?

President Bush talks about making tax cuts permanent to help American families, but the record of his Administration and the Republican Congress is to pass tax cuts favoring the wealthiest Americans, rather than provide tax relief for working families.

He talks about reforming our immigration system, but he has been saying that for four years, and has not backed up his words with any real action. Our country needs comprehensive immigration reformborder security PLUS interior enforcement and a path to legalization. President Bush’s party controls the House, Senate and the White House. If he really wanted to enact comprehensive immigration reform, he could, but he chooses not to.

Working families in our country need more than just words and sound bites. Working families need real action and solutions that will lower gas prices, strengthen our economy and increase access to quality health care. Americans deserve a government that is honest and open where we can build a future that will benefit everyone.”