Congresswoman Linda Sánchez Cosponsors "Honest Leadership, Open Government" Reform Package to Restore Public Trust in Government

February 1, 2006
Press Release
WASHINGTON D.C. - Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-39) joined more than 160 of her fellow Democratic colleagues in cosponsoring the "Honest Leadership, Open Government" Act, an aggressive reform package to attempt to reverse Republican corruption and protect the public trust. The bill was introduced today.

"The cost of corruption in Republican-run Washington is felt by families in Southern California and across America in the form of higher gas prices and higher prescription drug costs," said Congresswoman Sánchez. "While Republicans reward the wealthy and special interest groups, the priorities of the American people remain forgotten. That is why Democrats are offering real reforms to clean up Washington."

The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act was co-sponsored today by Congresswoman Sánchez addresses four main areas:
" Bans travel and gifts from lobbyists, and those who employ them, and requires lobbyists to disclose campaign contributions, so that the Jack Abramoffs of the world cannot buy influence in Congress;

" Reduces the unprecedented political access Republicans have given to corporations and lobbying firms by ending the K Street project and prohibits Members from giving legislative favors to lobbying firms in exchange for hiring Members of their same party;

" Ends the "dead of night" special interest provisions and requires disclosure of earmarks, so that the public to see exactly what their elected representatives are doing in Washington; and

" Stops the revolving door between government and lobbyists by extending the lobbying ban to two years.

"This reform package, that I and 160 of my fellow Democrats support will clean up the Republicans corrupt pay-to-play system and give Americans the open government they deserve," concluded Sánchez.