Chairwoman Linda Sánchez Responds to Latest Reports of Bush Administration Scheme to Purge Federal Prosecutors

March 15, 2007
Press Release
Washington - Today, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez, Chairwoman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, issued the following statement in response to recent reports that members of President George W. Bush’s inner circle - including Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales - were directly involved in a White House plot to purge U.S. Attorneys.

“These emails, if the reports are accurate, are the clearest evidence that the Bush Administration has been lying to the public, the Congress, and perhaps even among its own ranks, about its scheme to purge federal prosecutors. This would be a deliberate attempt to place partisan ideology at the center of the justice system in a way not seen since the Watergate scandal.

“It is time for the Bush Administration to come clean. Who made the decision to fire these U.S. Attorneys, why did they do it, and who orchestrated the attempts to mislead the public on this issue?”