Rep. Sánchez Leads "Walk to Work with Linda"

April 22, 2009
Press Release
Sánchez, who represents the 39th District, Marks the 39th Earth Day

Washington, DC - Rep. Linda Sánchez, who represents the 39th District of California, hosted “Walk to Work with Linda” today to commemorate the 39th Earth Day.” Friends and congressional staffers joined Rep. Sánchez on her walk to Capitol Hill and discussed environmental issues and impact. The first Earth Day, which was celebrated in 1970, brought together millions of people from around the country to demand a safer, cleaner and healthier world.

“Earth Day is not just a day for celebration, but a reminder that we can all do more to protect our environment,” said Rep. Linda Sánchez. “I am proud to be a part of projects to help 'green' our region and our nation. Whether it is walking or taking mass transit to work, weatherizing your home, or buying energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, everyone can contribute.”

In Congress, Sánchez has been working on environmental legislation and “green” initiatives including:

* Expanding the Youth Environment Employment Program. The Los Angeles and Long Beach Conservation Corps programs employ local youth in summer and year-round construction of nature parks and playgrounds.

* Greening local road projects. The Congresswoman secured federal funds for the reconstruction of Paramount Blvd in Lakewood, which includes bio-retention tree wells to clean stormwater runoff before it enters the Los Angeles River. Rep. Sánchez also secured funding for the reconstruction of Whittier Blvd., which will include an innovative, mile-long parkway bio-swale that will clean stormwater runoff and provide a pedestrian walkway.

* Creating “pocket parks.” Rep. Sánchez secured $142,000 in funding for the creation of these small parks in Lynwood.

* Protecting our oceans. Rep. Sánchez has secured more than $1 million for the Los Angeles County Basin Watershed Water Supply Augmentation Study. This investment will fund the construction of a pilot program in Los Angeles County to demonstrate how small changes in local construction can yield significant environmental improvements in quality of drinking water and the prevention of ocean pollution from run-off in Southern California.

* Investing in drinking-water quality. In March 2009, Congresswoman Sánchez voted to help pass the Water Quality Investment Act, which makes key investments to improve water quality and better ensure safe, clean water for all Americans while potentially creating hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next five years. Sections of the bill are especially critical to efforts preventing future contamination from sewer overflows and other pollutants.

* Supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. Congresswoman Sánchez voted for President Obama’s Budget which increases investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency by 18 percent. This investment will promote clean energy, industry and jobs. Rep. Sánchez also voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which includes over $61 billion slated for energy investments, including training for green-collar jobs, research to produce better electric vehicles and loans for renewable energy and “smart” electricity transmission technologies.

* Creating wilderness areas. Congresswoman Sánchez voted to pass the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act which creates more than 2 million new acres of wilderness, including almost 700,000 acres in California.