Small Business

Working for Small Business

As a former member of the Small Business Committee in the House of Representatives, I know that small businesses are the backbone of our country. That is why I am working hard in Congress to provide critical financial support to small businesses, by opening the federal contracting system and increasing access to capital to help create new opportunities, grow existing businesses, and boost our economy.

Making taxes simple

During tax season, small businesses should not be overly burdened with the stress of filing their taxes. That's why I introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation to reduce duplicative filing costs for small businesses looking to offer retirement plans to their employees. This bill would help small businesses provide greater retirement security to more Americans.

Help open the federal contracting system to small businesses

Small businesses make receive about one-quarter of federal government contracts, yet make up 99% of all businesses. Despite government goals of awarding contracts to small businesses, the $500 billion federal marketplace remains largely closed. I want to level the playing field, making sure everyone has a fair shot at winning federal contracts.